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GRP Flat Roofing

Glass-reinforced plastic, or GRP for short, is a strong, lightweight & durable material that has been developed to produce a water-resistant roofing membrane perfect for flat roofs.

As well as being used for flat roofs, GRP is used for a variety of other applications, including making boats, creating water holders & making & waterproofing ponds.

These additional applications show the material’s capabilities in managing water. GRP is highly water-resistant and does not let any moisture through.

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What is GRP Fibre Glass?

GRP stands for glass-reinforced plastic, also known as fibreglass roofing. GRP is composed of resin with glass or fibrous strands that reinforce the roofing material.

GRP flat roofs begin with a layer of catalysed resin applied to roof decking (ideally OSB3 wood). A layer of fibreglass mating is laid on top, followed by another layer of catalysed resin to complete the system. Once cured, a fire retardant topcoat resin is applied to completely weatherproof the roof and give it a more attractive finish.

The Cost of a GRP Fibre Glass Flat roof

Many different factors alter the final cost of a GRP Roofing System. The main one is the size of the roof & the condition of the current roof, along with additional factors such as whether you’re having a complete fibreglass roof installed or having repairs done to your existing fibreglass flat roof.

When installing a flat roof, you need to consider the condition of what is there at the moment. If the current roof has strong foundations & is correctly structured, our team may not be required to create a decking or anchor points to a building.

If you have a flat roof fitted on a new garage or property extension, you will more than likely require framing, boarding and installation.

If you currently have a corrugated metal flat roof, there will likely be some structural work required to ensure your roof is fitted correctly, flat & water-resistant.

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GRP Fibre Glass roofing

A GRP flat roof or fibreglass flat roof is one of the UK’s most popular flat roof solutions.

From a minor repair to full glass fibre roof installation, our roofers have the skills for any job – big or small.

Fibreglass roofs are built to last. They are 100% weatherproof, durable, UV stable, fireproof and can manage footfall. A professionally installed fibreglass roof will last for over 30 years. The topcoat is available in various colours and finishes and can be walked on when laid correctly.

The Benefits of GRP Fibre Glass

GRP can be used to create any shape of the roof, it is a seamless product so will not leak. This makes GRP Fibre Glass a suitable product for almost any roofing application including vertical details:

Flat Roof Windows

A flat roof window comes in several different sizes & styles, all of which can be built into a flat roof to add stylistic design & provide a room with a large amount of light.

From flat glass roof lights that fit seamlessly into a flat roof to hinged, automatic opening roof lights & large glass lanterns are perfect for opening up a room and providing brilliant natural light.

The possibilities with a flat roof window are endless, and they are a great way to naturally light larger rooms such as new extensions, large kitchens & living spaces open-plan and spacious. A flat roof window can let in up to five times the amount of daylight unlike façade windows.

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